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As of August 7th, I am an official college student at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma!  That’s 700 miles away from home, in a climate to which I’m not vaguely accustomed (think sauna), attending a school I’d never previously visited.  The adjustment process might take awhile.

I live in a dorm named Gabrielle (aka Gabby) on the third floor with a window overlooking nothing else but the lovely parking lot.  My roommate is terribly sweet, and we get along just fine.  The best thing about our room is the walk-in closet, standard for the third-floor rooms.  Either that, or the microfridge.   (Half microwave, half fridge.)

Pictures of my dorm will be posted Saturday, as today and tomorrow are the first days of class.  Until then, content yourselves with these photos I took on a walk around campus during the golden hour (aka the moments before sunset):

In case you can’t tell, I like sprinklers.  A lot.


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