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I’m switching blog hosts…again.  WordPress may have a shiny interface, but I really missed customizing my own layout from scratch.  I’ve wanted to go in a different direction with my blog for awhile.  What that direction is, I’m not sure–but hopefully moving blogs will give me the chance to find out.  So without further ado, I give you the new and soon-to-be-improved Runaway Muse.


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Please, remember me

Since I got back to Illinois, the weather has been anything but cheery.  This afternoon, the rain let up long enough for me to snap a few pictures in the tangle of bushes tucked away in our suburban yard.

I have never posted a picture of myself sans makeup before.  This past week I have been battling a tonsil infection, which is anything but glamorous, so pardon my deadpan expression.

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DIY Fringe Tank Top

Sometimes when I have nothing better to do, I like to pretend that I have loads of money to spend on clothes and browse fancy online boutiques.  Even if I never end up buying anything (read: 99.5% of the time), I love looking at the pretty pictures and getting fashion inspiration.  One of my favorite websites is  Their look is very bohemian–earthy, flowy, and hippie-esque.  Every time I visit I end up drooling over the photos and wishing I was married to a wealthy Italian prosthodontist so I could afford to buy every single item in the shop.  That, and build a massive treehouse mansion with my own personal library.  But that’s going a bit too far, isn’t it?

The point is that yesterday I was browsing Free People’s new arrivals when I happened upon this tank top:

Now, I love fringe.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve just always been afraid to wear it in public, fearful that I will be a) mistaken as a biker chick or b) worse, a cowherd escaped from ancient Mesopotamia.  When I saw this tank top, however, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could pull it off.  The problem, as always, was the price tag.  No way was I paying $78 plus shipping costs for a flimsy tank top.  But what if I could make something similar myself?

I’ve had this oversized Radiohead t-shirt since Christmas break, when I bought it from Urban Outfitters thinking that it would drape on me with the graceful carelessness with which it draped on the stick-thin model.  As you can see from the above picture, it ended up making me look like I was wearing a pillowcase.  Because of this, I never wore it, which was a pity because it’s such an awesome design.  So it was the perfect candidate for my experiment to replicate the tank top by Free People.

After quite a bit of scissor work, this was the finished result:

Behold the fringe!

I’m quite proud of myself for how well it turned out, especially since I didn’t follow a tutorial and was acting completely on impulse.  Absolutely no sewing was involved, and the entire project only took about an hour to complete.  I only wish I had taken pictures during the transformation process so I could post step-by-step directions on this blog.  Let me know what you guys think!

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