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50 Things To Do This Summer

1. Get a job (preferably at Starbucks if everything works out)

2. Dye my hair blue, like this

3. Take a day trip or two (or three) to Chicago

3. Make coconut ice cream from scratch

4. Wear peasant skirts

5. Wake up early and bike 20 miles

6. Climb a massive tree

7. Make more stop-motion films

8. Do more photography in general

9. Get my ears pierced with my 10 year-old sister (it will be my second time and her first time)

10. Do this to my black clothes

11. Have my 17 year-old brother teach me to play the guitar

12. Make rainbow cake in a jar

13. Spend the day at the mall trying on clothes I would never buy in a million years

14. Go to the beach and not get sunburnt

15. Write poetry

16. Learn to braid my own hair (considerably more difficult than braiding the hair of others)

17. Bike with my headphones on

18. Practice the piano at least an hour a day

19. Meet someone new

20. Become a thrift store queen

21. Go on an adventure with each of my siblings

22. Buy a cheap used car (this largely depends on #1 on the list)

23. Watch every movie on this list

24. Have lots of sleepovers

25. Eat outdoors on a frequent basis

26. Make clover chains (if they are in season, I can never remember)

27. Write my boyfriend nonsensical letters

28. Catch up on my pleasure reading

29. Dress up fancy and go out to dinner with my sisters for no reason at all

30. Convince my mother to let me get a tattoo

31. Discover new bands

32. Spend time in the woods

33. Drink wine with my dad

34. Submit something to Postsecret

35. Grow my hair long

36. Start eating breakfast again

37. Unlearn uhealthy sleeping patterns developed in college (haha)

38. See a play featuring a very talented friend whom I haven’t seen in a year

39. Get into the habit of skyping long-distance friends

40. Learn to knit (I’ve heard it’s a great form of stress relief)

41. Go on an overnight road trip

42. Start frequenting a local coffee shop

43. Catch a spider and name him Horace

44. Make lots of these

45. Stay out past 1:30 AM just because I can (my school enforces curfew)

46. Have a conversation in French

47. Visit with EVERYBODY

48. Do something absolutely crazy on my 19th birthday

49. Eat homemade popcorn

50. Did I mention not getting sunburnt?


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