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Things that make me happy (otherwise entitled “Christina likes lists. A lot.”)

1.  Finding out that I can order prints of photos from my Flickr account for a mere 9 cents each. My dorm room is going to turn into an art gallery.  Just watch.

2.  The strong winds in Tulsa. Otherwise I would be lamenting the fact that it’s January and temperatures are still soaring at 45 degrees.

3.  Wearing my dad’s sweater.  Which, by the way, I pilfered from his closet during Christmas break.  Ain’t a thing he can do about it now, is there?

4. Hugs from my RA. They are squishy and warm and given in abundance.  Need I say more?

5. Newman’s Own black bean and corn salsa. It’s spicy, doesn’t burn a hole in my wallet, goes well with carrot sticks, and has 0g fat and 20 calories per 2 tablespoons.  I think I’ve found a winner.


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Christina. 18. College student. Lover of words, sublime images, fat books and skinny jeans. Dislikes melting snow, the color pink, and procrastination.

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