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Two thousand ten.

Tonight is my last night at home for three months.  I should be packing, but instead I feel like sitting in the dark with a pile of deliciously musty books to my left and the glow of a pine-scented candle on my right.  This is how it should be, right now.

I wanted to write about what the year 2010 meant to me.  After all, it has probably been the most influential year of my life to date.  But when I lie in bed staring at the ceiling and ponder the last 365 days of my life, it all seems to flash before my memory in a blur of lost feelings and lingering moments which I can almost grasp, but not quite.

Last year, I lost and found myself.  Multiple times.

Last year, I laughed until I cried.

Last year, I was hospitalized.

Last year, I met people who saved my life in more ways than one.

Last year, I found reasons to live when all I wanted to do was fall asleep and never wake up.

Last year, I compared myself to others.

Last year, I went to the Dominican Republic and completely changed my perspective.

Last year, I gave my testimony at my own high school graduation.

Last year, I moved 700 miles away from home to attend a university which I had never visited.

Last year, my comfort zone was obliterated…and I survived just fine.

Last year, I learned to hold my tongue.

Last year, I heard God’s voice.

This year, I want to learn from the past.  I want to take bold steps forward and become more confident and stop making excuses.  I want to stop beating myself up for things that are out of my control.

I want to look back at 2011 and say, “That was the year everything changed for the better.”


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  1. Debbie says:

    Christina, you’re a jewel (even if you did make me cry…) You remind me of me as a young writer – – except you learn faster.
    Maybe we’ll see each other over the summer. I miss your mom :)

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