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As of August 7th, I am an official college student at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma!  That’s 700 miles away from home, in a climate to which I’m not vaguely accustomed (think sauna), attending a school I’d never previously visited.  The adjustment process might take awhile.

I live in a dorm named Gabrielle (aka Gabby) on the third floor with a window overlooking nothing else but the lovely parking lot.  My roommate is terribly sweet, and we get along just fine.  The best thing about our room is the walk-in closet, standard for the third-floor rooms.  Either that, or the microfridge.   (Half microwave, half fridge.)

Pictures of my dorm will be posted Saturday, as today and tomorrow are the first days of class.  Until then, content yourselves with these photos I took on a walk around campus during the golden hour (aka the moments before sunset):

In case you can’t tell, I like sprinklers.  A lot.


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This girl’s ready to go.

As of today, I am an officially licensed driver.  It only took me three years.

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The Great Garage Rescue

Yesterday my brother was retrieving something from our garage when he was shocked by the sound of something thudding into the glass door.  Investigation led him to the discovery of a small bird which had gotten itself stunned momentarily and was now trapped in our garage.

Somehow, in the process of blindly flying around the enclosed space, it had gotten a few of its toes stuck between the metal coils of the door-opening device.  No matter how hard it tried to free itself, it was stuck tight.

After many attempts of rescuing the poor thing (during which I managed to fall flat on my back onto a rack of bicycles), we finally came up with the plan of me gently restraining the bird in my hands while my sister pried the metal coil apart.  It worked like a charm, and after the bird’s toes were freed, I carried it outside to release it.  Knowing me, I couldn’t let it go without taking some pictures first.

And now, to top this post off, I give you…chicken.

Sorry.  It was so beautiful I couldn’t resist.

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