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Leaving home…and ramblings

There has been a lot going on since I last updated.  Namely, my preparations for college, my eighteenth birthday, and my quest to obtain a driver’s license before leaving home.

Leaving.  Home.  Whenever I say it, I imagine a sophisticated, thoroughly grown-up young woman embarking with confidence to the next stage of her life.  I, however, can’t say I am that young woman.  Granted, God has given me the grace I need at this time of my life so I am no longer afraid of what lies ahead.  Nervous, perhaps, but not afraid.  I know that I am in good hands.  Deep down inside, however, I feel more like a child than ever.

But maybe that’s a good thing.  After all, children are the best candidates for learning.  Which is exactly what I’ll be doing once I step onto the college campus.  Maybe I should stop trying to know it all and instead accept the reality: that I know next to nothing, and that college is an opportunity to obtain the knowledge I need.  I don’t need to be that sophisticated young woman.

Camp was a fantastic experience, although the two weeks flew by faster than usual.  Whenever I am there, I find countless examples of God’s grace and love.  In the mountains of Pennsylvania, it’s a bit easier to hear His voice.  There are so many young men and women there who live to tell about what God has done in their lives, and it’s terribly exciting.  I found myself sharing my own testimony during our morning devotions.  It is a humbling experience when God uses your story to bring light into the lives of others.

At the airport waiting for my family to pick me up, I met a woman.  Like me, she was sitting on the curb alone in the dark, waiting.  A cigarette dangled from her lips, and as she drew closer, I could see countless scars running up and down both arms.  She seemed restless, and I felt a deep connection to her.  I believe she felt it too, because she came closer to me and spoke.

“What’s White Sulphur Springs?”  (I was wearing my camp t-shirt, which had the logo “White Sulphur Springs” followed by the slogan “Where cares refuse to stay”.)

I told her that I had just been working at a retreat center for military officers and their families.  The woman’s eyebrows knitted together, and she asked me if it was weird.

“Not really,” I replied, and was about to launch into an explanation when my family arrived and I had to leave.  After mumbling a hasty “take care”, I glanced back as I crossed the street and saw her watching me with an almost hungry expression.

When I think of that brief encounter, I wonder if I should have said more.  Then I remember that our meeting was no accident, and now that I have done my part–however small–the only thing I can do is trust that God is edging His way into her life, little by little.  I can pray for her.

A little more than a week remains before our family embarks on the trip to Oklahoma to drop me off at Oral Roberts University.  I’ll keep you guys updated.


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It’s that time of year again

Starting tomorrow, I will be embarking on a journey to Pennsylvania, thus taking a 2-week hiatus from this blog.  Farewell to the world of internet, cellular service, and air conditioning…this girl’s headed off to camp!

If you feel the pressing need to contact me through 2-16 July, you can send me letters at the address found at the top of the page here.  Snail mail is lovely all year round, but especially wonderful during the summer when I’m miles from home.  If you do write, make sure to include my full name on the envelope, so the office will know who to give the letter.

See you all in two weeks!

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